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Pedestrian accidents and car accidents go hand-in-hand. Everyday, those on foot and those using others forms of transportation are placed at risk when they encounter vehicles on the streets. Whether the roads are rural or smack in the middle of … Continue reading

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Operating any kind of recreational vehicle brings with it a level of risk, and ATVs are no exception. Studies have shown that ATV rollovers are a major cause of fatalities and countless injuries. Fatalities are typically caused by the ATV … Continue reading

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Often when we hear about the impact speeding has on car accident statistics, we typically associate crashes with other vehicles on the roads. While speeding undeniably causes numerous pile-ups and other vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, it also poses a serious threat to … Continue reading

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In 2014, over 2,500 motorcyclists were injured and over 100 killed in motorcycle accidents. These injuries and fatalities accounted for nearly 14 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents, and four percent of crashes involving injuries across the state of Illinois. … Continue reading

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Any Chicago-area driver knows all too well that semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles are a common sight on Illinois roadways. Unfortunately, fatalities and injuries occurring from collisions with those trucks are also extremely common. In a terrifying 2014 … Continue reading

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The number of car accidents on Illinois highways impacts more than just accident and injury statistics. Did you know that your wallet is affected, too? Auto insurance companies base their quotes and rates on many different factors, including a driver’s … Continue reading

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We are all aware of the factors that all too often lead to automobile accidents and injuries, such as distracted driving, driving under the influence, and careless speeding. Something as simple as applying your makeup or taking a bite of … Continue reading

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The Illinois State Police report that the average college student spends more money on alcohol than they spend on books. That fact alone is enough to bring anyone’s attention to the alarming nature of drunk driving accident statistics. They also … Continue reading

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