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Out of the countless causes for car accidents and injuries on the roadways, intoxicated and fatigued driving are among the most tragic, as they are entirely preventable. In a perfect world, no one would ever get behind the wheel when … Continue reading

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There are a number of causes for drowsy driving, making the problem a widespread danger all across the nation. Everything from driver fatigue and drug or alcohol intoxication are common factors that lead to drowsy driving, which all too often … Continue reading

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All too often, impaired driving accidents are attributed to drivers operating under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. While it is true that DUI is a primary cause for careless car accidents, injuries, and fatalities, another form of impaired … Continue reading

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It is easy to associate impaired driving car accident statistics with drunk driving or driving under the influence of other drugs, but drowsy vehicle operation is another form of impaired driving that is equally as dangerous. Drowsy driving includes everything … Continue reading

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Driver fatigue is a serious issue that can result in tragic accidents. The risk of driver fatigue is, of course, greater for drivers who are covering long distances or driving through the night. And this, of course, means that the … Continue reading

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While many traditional American professions seem to be morphing or facing the challenges of adaptation to the 21st century, moving goods on land from one side of the country to the other doesn’t seem to be among these industries. According … Continue reading

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It is common for drivers to exercise extra precaution and designate a driver when alcohol has been consumed to avoid drunk driving, but drivers should also be aware of the dangers of driving while drowsy to prevent accidents as well. … Continue reading

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