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A serious motor vehicle crash creates a great deal of uncertainty. Although victims are receiving expert treatment for their injuries, they are unsure whether or not they will ever fully recover. Although doctors and other providers are patient regarding mounting medical expenses, victims may not be sure how these expenses will be paid. And, even if the other driver was clearly at fault, it is only natural to think that “If only I had done something differently, this collision would not have happened.” On top of everything else, no matter how friendly and cordial their adjusters are, insurance companies are not concerned with victims’ best interests, so many people feel alone.

The aggressive attorneys at Salvi & Maher, LLC reverse these dynamics. We take the time to listen to you, answer all your questions, and address all your concerns. Then, we act quickly and decisively to protect your legal and financial interests. Perhaps most importantly, we promptly respond to your e-mails and phone calls and always keep you informed about important developments in your case, so you do not feel alone.

Motor Vehicle Collisions in Highland Park

Negligence comes in many forms. Some drivers are distracted, because they are so concerned about a cellphone call or a conversation with a passenger that they forget about their fellow motorists. Other drivers are impaired by a substance or lack of sleep, while some ignore the rules of the road. Many times, several factors are present prior to a collision.

We routinely deal with negligent drivers and stingy insurance companies in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

We build your case from the ground up. We gather evidence and interview witnesses, and then carefully research the law and prior cases to determine the best course of action. If necessary, our attorneys can partner with expert witnesses to help explain your case to a jury, and we can advocate for you all the way to the State Supreme Court.

The Outcome

No result is ever guaranteed, but in our long experience, the end product is the same for many victims and their families. Economic losses include out-of-pocket costs like medical bills and rehabilitative costs, as well as lost wages and lost economic opportunity. If these costs are ongoing, we can provide an estimate of the total expense for the judge or jury to consider.

The car crash did not just take your money. It also took a part of your life. So, many victims are entitled to compensation for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment in life. Perhaps most importantly, a determination of fault brings some measure of closure to the incident, and helps you and your family move forward emotionally. You can meet your obligations with added confidence.

Since you do have a limited amount of time to act in these cases, reach out to Salvi & Maher, LLC today for a free consultation with attorneys who help you put things back together. You can contact us online or call 847-662-3303.

"... through your conscientious hard work and tenacity we obtained a much better settlement than we anticipated. Definitely, the best legal representation available." - Karen S.
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