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When Homeowner Error Causes Injury

We understand that it can be difficult for some people to bring legal action in a premises liability case, particularly if it involves a neighbor you've lived next to for a decade, the shop owner who sells you groceries every week or even a family member.

At the Lake County area law offices of Salvi & Maher, L.L.C., our attorneys also understand how insurance companies can and will use this hesitation to their advantage.

When you have been seriously injured, and that injury is covered by a homeowner's insurance, you have a right to hold the insurance company accountable to its financial obligation while protecting yourself and your family.

Working to Recover Your Rightful Compensation

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for people to protect them from unanticipated or unintentional mistakes that could bankrupt and destroy ordinary families. This is important to understand, because in most homeowner liability cases, you aren't bringing legal action against a neighbor, friend or family member.

Rather, you are holding an insurance company to its obligation to provide coverage, a responsibility that sometimes insurers will try to avoid.

Rely on us for guidance in any case where you or someone you love has been injured on someone else's property, including those involving:

It's important to understand how insurance companies operate operate and to know your rights if you or someone you love has been seriously injured. Our lawyers provide effective and compassionate guidance that can help you recover compensation while being sensitive to your concerns about litigation. We are thorough in preparing your case, dedicated to protecting your interests and respected throughout the Northern Illinois legal community.

Work With an Experienced and Capable Law Firm

As a personal injury and premises liability law firm with a proven record of success including verdicts and settlements for seriously injured clients, we are committed to providing every individual highly attentive legal service. We also understand that our role as counselor, advisor and advocate has an impact on the lives of real people.

To put our client-focused attorneys behind your case, call 847-662-3303 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

Homeowners Liability

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