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The average person may find it nearly impossible to imagine the devastation that a serious spinal cord injury, particularly those resulting in paralysis such as quadriplegia or paraplegia, can have on a once-active person. Every aspect of a person's life - physical, emotional, mental and financial - can be changed in a matter of moments.

At the Lake County law offices of Salvi & Maher, LLC, we know that it is impossible for us to truly understand what life is like confined to a wheelchair, since we have not experienced it for ourselves. We work to comprehend, to the best of our ability, the impact your accident and resulting spinal cord injury have had on your life. It is our goal to hold those responsible for this tragedy accountable for their careless actions. Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Seeking the Funds You Desperately Need

Spinal cord injuries are often the result of catastrophic accidents involving car accidents, motorcycles wrecks or airplane crashes. Whether you were involved in a drunk driving accidents, fell on the job, or were a victim of a medical negligence, we are prepared to protect your best interests and seek compensation for acute care, surgeries, rehabilitation expenses and home renovations necessary to make your living space wheelchair-accessible.

Moving Forward After a Back Injury

Spinal cord injuries have both physical and psychological implications. You may not feel you are the person you once were. Life has changed, but you can learn to live again. Although we cannot take away what has happened, we can assist you in recovering damages to make your future easier. For more than 20 years, we have vigorously pursued maximum recovery for those learning to live with spinal injuries and associated conditions including:

  • Upper or lower back injury
  • Herniated discs or spinal cord compression
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia (sometimes referred to as "tetraplegia")
  • Fractured vertebrae

Unfortunately, no amount of wishing or worry can change what happened to you. Spinal cord injuries are devastating. What can make a difference is who you choose to represent your case in court. We are dedicated to pursing.

Spinal Cord Injury

"... through your conscientious hard work and tenacity we obtained a much better settlement than we anticipated. Definitely, the best legal representation available." - Karen S.
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